Work Details

Solo Cello
3 minutes

Programme Note

Supertasters are people who possess a heightened sense of taste, which prevents them from eating certain foods such as hot spices, bitter flavours and acidic products. As a result there is a limited range of foods that they are able to consume, however it also means that supertasters can appreciate a greater level of complexity within simpler, blander flavours.

I translate this into music by providing a very limited harmonic palate (flavours) - in fact I use only seven different pitches. I organise these pitches with simple, slowly shifting patterns and by moving through various permutations of similar cells of music, different shapes and melodies start to form. Limiting or removing certain parameters allows us to perceive more carefully other existing elements.

Past Performances

10 September 2009
Blank Canvas, Cafe Oto, London
Oliver Coates