Work Details

Flute and piano
9 minutes

Commissioned by Juliette Bausor with funding from the Britten-Pears Foundation

Programme Note

The flute is considered to be the world’s oldest recognisable musical instrument and in some cultures was believed to open a portal to the supernatural. This work takes inspiration from Kokopele, an ancient deity from Native American mythology, who presides over fertility, both of agriculture and childbirth. He is revered throughout different tribes in the Southwestern United States and is depicted in petroglyphs as a hump-backed flute player, sometimes with the appearance of a bird or insect. There are various different legends surrounding Kokopele, about how he gained his appearance and his role as a deity of fertility - some are magical, some mischievous and others are more sinister.

The music portrays some of the characteristics of Kokopele, for example: the clumsy hump-backed creature is represented by irregular rhythmic patterns; and in contrast the magical character and relationship with animals and nature is represented by fast, transient material.

Past Performances

ECHO Rising Stars tour: January - April 2014
Juliette Bausor (flute) & Alasdair Beatson (piano)

Laeiszhalle, Hamburg, Germany
Bozar, Brussels, Belgium
Town Hall, Birmingham, U.K.
Palace of Arts, Budapest, Hungary
L'auditori, Barcelona, Spain
Philharmonie, Luxembourg
The Sage, Gateshead, U.K.
Milton Court, Barbican Centre, London, U.K.