Kick up the Fire

Work Details

8 minutes


2+picc.2+ca.2+bcl.2+cbsn - - timps - perc(4): glock/xyl/cym/cast/tam-t/whip/ratchet/fielddr/hiwb/lowb/bdr - cel - harp - strings

Programme Note

Kick up the fire takes its title from a poem by Philip Larkin.

Kick up the fire, and let the flames break loose
To drive the shadows back;
Prolong the talk on this or that excuse,
Till the night comes to rest
While some high bell is beating two o'clock.
Yet when the guest
Has stepped in to the windy street, and gone,
Who can confront
The instantaneous grief of being alone?
Or watch the sad increase
Across the mind of this prolific plant,
Dumb idleness?

Past Performances

29 January 2010
Duke's Hall, London
Royal Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra
Yan Pascal Tortelier

26 October 2012
BBC Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff
BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Andrew Gourlay